28 May 2013

Make your lipstick stay on FOREVER (okay, all day)!

Awkward! Who's ever suffered from that peeling paint effect from their lipstick?  You know that dull, faded colour from your lipstick that wedges itself between the gaps and cracks by around 1pm, just after you've eaten... Yeah, not pretty!

How can you avoid looking like you've just made out with a cactus? Here are some tips and tricks that I picked up after repeatedly suffering from that good ol' peeling paint effect...

1) Layer your lipstick. Remember that old method of applying your lipstick, pressing your lips over a tissue and reapplying that your mum was so fond of? It actually works! If the colour I'm wearing is quite intense or matt I like to layer the colour on so that even if it does rub off a bit, the vividness of the lipstick will remain. After applying the first layer, lightly (emphasis on the word 'lightly' - you don't want bits of tissue hanging off your lips ladies...), dab the excess colour off with a tissue before reapplying a second layer. 

2) Always prep lips with a balm but make sure it absorbs before applying lipstick. Lip balms can actually make your lipstick slip off because of it's waxy texture so wait a few minutes before you apply any lip product. If I'm in a hurry I'll dab the excess off on the back of my hand (wouldn't let anyone catch you doing it though...!)

3) Stick to matte or semi-matte textures. Let's face it - glossy lips are not made to last. If you don't like matte lipsticks then go for something with a semi matte finish instead and save the gloss for those days when you don't mind going high maintenance.

Those are my tried and tested tips to get your lippie to stay on ALL day, what are yours? Does anyone else suffer from the 'peeling paint' look?!

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