16 May 2013

An ode to NARS Sheerglow foundation

So guys, I think I may have discovered my Holy Grail foundation! After years of trialling countless products, all claiming to give me a natural, flawless finish I've found one that does just that.... and more!

It is of course the NARS Sheerglow foundation and here's why I think it's so freakin' good:

The coverage is amazing, so much so that I can skip concealer and all my blemishes and marks are still covered. But this doesn't mean it's thick and cakey, oh nooo - it has a very light texture, so much so that you can't tell that I'm wearing foundation. It's.Just.Right.

It adjusts to my skin type. I have combination skin which makes finding the right foundation very difficult. There are some that give a more dewy finish but it requires me to apply a generous dusting of powder to my forehead. Then there are those that have a matte finish but it means that I have apply some sort of  highlighter to give it a more glossy sheen. she NARS Sheerglow mattifies my oily t-zone but doesn't look cakey on the drier, patchy parts.

The colour is perfect. I have major issues trying to match my skintone to the right foundation. Not because there isn't enough choice, but because the people on the beauty counter haven't got a flipping clue! This is probably the only foundation that was matched perfectly to me (I use the shade in Barcelona if anyone's wondering).

I've had so many compliments on how luminous and fresh my skin looks when I wear the NARS Sheerglow foundation that I'm tempted to lie and say I'm not wearing anything! 

Have I convinced you to buy the NARS Sheerglow foundation?! What are your favourite foundations?!


  1. Love this foundation hun! have been using it for the last 2 years, its amazing isn't it?

    I Use sayracuse, its the perfect shade for me :)

    Much love
    Easmin xoxo


  2. could you post a Picture with you wearing this?

  3. I've used this foundation since it was first launched and have made numerous people try it. There's just something about and it photographs so well. Skin looks perfect but still like skin. Although I do think the name is inappropriate as there's nothing sheer nor glowy about it :)

  4. Really want to try this foundation, great review





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