16 April 2013

Hijab Styling for Weddings and Parties

As you might have seen on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts the past week has been full of weddings, parties... basically an excuse to dress yp! As a newbie hijabi I was a little worried that it would be difficult for me to find different ways of styling a head scarf with saris and kameez but, through some trial and error (a lot of error actually!), I found that there are so many ways to look glamorous AND stay modest! Here are some of my tips:

Not being able to wear earrings has been hard for me. I love big, heavy pieces so when faced with not wearing any I felt quite bare and plain. A simple way to compensate is to take advantage of tikas, headpieces and necklaces. I wore this really heavy head piece to my best friend's wedding and kept the rest of my accessories minimal.
Accessorize with htikas and head pieces to make up for the lack of earrings

Wrap Star
Nowadays there are so many ways to wrap the scarf and lots of really great YouTube videos to help you out. I love watching Amenakin and Dina Tokio's tutorials because it's super easy to follow and they always looks fab!

Luxe Fabrics
 If you're going to invest in a gorgeous sari or suit make sure you invest in a good quality scarf too! There's nothing I hate more than seeing someone in a beautiful, ornate sari and an old, mis-matched scarf! If you can't find one that matches the colour of your outfit pick the secondary colour from your sari or suit and use that instead, and stick to softer fabrics like chiffon or silk - leave your market stall pashmina at home!

Have fun!
Don't be afraid to experiment. I've had plenty of hijab disasters and I've only been wearing it for a few weeks! Try different non-Asian accessories like a brooch or a big flower clip, or try something different like a headband or fascinator.

What are your tips on hijab styling for weddings and parties? I'd love to get some more ideas!

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