25 April 2013

Heavy duty dry skin fixes

Lately I've started to get really dry skin, to the point where it can be uncomfortably itchy and flaky - UGH!! I moisturise daily and have started slathering on richer creams TWICE a day but to not avail - this damn dry skin won't budge. Part of me is concerned that it could be linked to an allergy but I love food too much to cut sugar/carbs/dairy out and test this theory. It could also be down to excessive central heating and fan heaters, which are one of skin's biggest enemies. Normal body lotions and potions don't seem to be doing the trick and neither do body scrubs so I've had to be a bit more inventive in how I get moisture into my skin. Here are some simple tricks that seem to be working....

Use a body conditioner
Lush's Ro's Argan body conditioner has really improved the texture of my skin. Similar to a hair conditioner you apply it to your skin while damp and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing and applying your usual body lotion or cream. It's very rich and creamy so I use it at night time rather than during the day when I don't want to feel too 'sticky'. The scent is also really overpowering so I wouldn't recommend applying a scented body lotion afterwards. I once applied Laura Mercier's Pistachio body souffle after and it created a very distinct, rotten fish smell... GROSS.

Swap lotion for oil
I love body oils and find them so much more effective in combating dry skin. There are loads of beauty oils in the market - the Aromatherapy Associates Rose Body Oil is one of my all times favourites - but I also find that olive oil works just as well, if not better! You can read more about my love for olive oil here

I've read up a lot on Vitamin A tablets and the skin benefits of taking it daily so my next step is to give that a go. The condition of my skin has slowly improved but it's not like it used to be... Hopefully these steps will make a bigger difference. I'll keep you all updated!

Do you suffer from dry skin? What are your top tips/products for getting back to top condition?! 

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