18 April 2013

Finding the right nude lipstick for dark skin

When it comes to lipstick makeup artists, beauty experts and magazines are forever telling us that dark skin women look amazing with bright pinks, deep reds and berry tones but what if you want to play down your makeup and go for something a bit more natural?! 

Picking the right nude lipstick for dark skin is tricky; if it's too light you'll end up looking like a corpse and if it's too dark you'll  look like an R'n'B singer from the nineties. Brown-nudes in particular are a no-go for me because they can camouflage your lips or make it look like you don't have any.

When I first got into makeup I found that picking the right lipstick to match my skin tone was actually a lot harder than finding the right foundation. And boy, did I make some epic fails (more on that later).   Everyone's different but there are certain colours that will suit you more if you have a darker skin tone.

My skin has an yellowy undertone (as do most Asian women unless you're very fair) which means that frosty, cool toned lipsticks don't suit me and can make my skin look lifeless and dull. My first foray into nude lipstick was Blankety by MAC - bad idea! It has a frost finish and icy undertones which can make you look ill if you have dark skin. I think I wore it a few times before realising that how ridiculous it looked., or I think someone asked me if I was feeling okay...

My next purchase - Faux by MAC - was a lot more successful.  It has a much warmer undertone and a slight tinge of pink which I think really helps brighten my face. For me this is the perfect nude lipstick and I've probably gone through five tubes of it! If you want something slightly pinkier, Pink Plaid by MAC (yes, MAC again - they have the most extensive shades of lippie!) is an amazing shade. It has a slightly mauve, rosy tinge to it which is perfect for darker skin. 

Faux by MAC vs Blankety by MAC - can you see the difference?! 

What's your favourite, can't-live-without-it, nude lipstick? Tube #6 of my MAC Faux is running out and I'm looking for more options!



  1. Ooh definitely going to look into MAC Faux! I agree it's hard to find nude lipsticks for people with our skintone x

  2. This isn't really a lipstick but Perfect Nude is a lipgloss by Sephora, and I find it perfect for my medium-dark skin tone. You could give that a try; it's a pretty good lipgloss and it's about $18 US/CDN but as mentioned below, Faux looks pretty good on you, although if you we're feeling like wearing a baby pink shade, Blankety with the lipgloss Angel would be cute, or just the Angel lipstick (both from MAC as well)

  3. Bobbi Brown pale pink is my absolute go-to. It looks a little like Faux by Mac actually. And I would also recommend their lip-gloss in nude. The colour is so strong and comes out really nice and doesn't stick. Absolute gem of a find. Tbh with all Bobbi Brown rich colour glosses you get strong, smooth colour rather than a layer of colourless goo on your lips. I've had lots of compliments when wearing. xx

  4. MAC Faux is amazing! let me know how you get on x

  5. I'll give Angel a try... Don't have a Sephora in the UK... Boo :(

  6. I shall give that a try! Thanks x

  7. This was helpfull!
    I'd never had guessed Blankety would look so different.
    I do have trouble with finding a nude lipstick too!
    Almost all of my clients are fair skin, but I might have someone else on the future with the same skintone as me.
    Luckily Honey Love took out well for a nude, and it's also lightest shade I can go for while it looks so different on others! Confusing actually.
    Though I have a yellow undertone too, I actually find cool toned lipsticks gorgeous on me.
    And honestly I think that Faux turned out a cool toned lipstick too, it looks fresh!
    Such as light pinks really bring my blue eyes forward.
    Maybe it depends on your whole apperience. And taste ofcourse.


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