21 April 2013

CELEBRITY: Over 40 and still HOT!

In a society where people are obsessed with youth it can be refreshing to see actresses over forty giving the younger ones a run for their money. Here are some of the most gorgeous women in Bollywood who have still got it...

Juhi Chawla, 45 years old
Juhi has one of those faces that never ages. As she's become older she's started to wear less makeup too. I think when you reach a certain age less is definitely more (unless your Rekha - she's fahhhbolous though and gets away with it). There's no doubt that Juhi looks amazing for her age and she'll always have that youthful exuberance bursting out through her smile and eyes but sometimes I wish that she'd mix it up a bit. I'd love to see her out of those mumsy shirts and with a bright lip once in a while!

Madhuri Dixit, 45 years old
This woman is so glamorous! Unlike Juhi, who's hair and makeup looks a lot more simple (and a little boring...) Madhuri goes all out with her hair and makeup. I'm guessing that she's also had a few tweaks but she's left the area around her eyes, where her expression and beauty come from, alone. 

Oh dear... This is an example of Madhuri getting it very, very wrong. The tight curls and side fringe combo belong to a 5-year old flower girl not a mature Bollywood actress. The do' ages hers considerably and you should know by now how I feel about brown lipstick...

Sridevi, 49 years old
I remember when Sridevi made her comeback to Bollywood a few years ago and I thought - Wow! She looks better with age! It's kinda obvious that she's had quite a bit of work done to look this good (my forehead has more lines and I'm half her age). I love her makeup here because it's just right - not too plain and dowdy, but not too glamorous and garish. The fluttery lashes and soft pink lip/blush creates a really youthful, fresh look. The hair looks a bit too fake for my liking though... 

Of course sometimes celebs become a little to fixated with looking 'younger'. Is Sridevi trying to emulate Barbie here?! I'm not sure, but the whole look is a bit too forced and fake... Eeek.

Rekha, 58 years old

WOW - can you believe that Rekha is over 50!? She looks as beautiful as she did when she first started making films. I love how she still goes for all out glamour - false lashes, eye liner, lipstick, brows - the whole shebang. It shouldn't work, and probably wouldn't on most women over a certain age, but she pulls it off. I assume she's had a bit of a tweak around the forehead and eyes but it's not offensively obvious. 

Very rarely will you spot Rekha without her signature scarlet, red lipstick (what colour is that? I must have it!) My only criticism is that she needs to invest in a frizz fighting product ASAP.

Who do you think looks the best for their age?

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