26 April 2013

CELEBRITY: Let's discuss Anushka's LIPS...

Is it just me or do they look REALLY big all of a sudden? In case you've forgotten here's what they looked like before...

Now notice how much more 'pouty' they look here, at a recent Nivea beauty event. Anushka's a beautiful girl but her makeup artist really needs to sort that awful lip liner job out - ASAP! 

You may remember that I said lining your lips slightly over the natural lip line can make them appear fuller, but this is really exaggerated and kind of messy.

Here's a more recent snap of Anushka at a magazine shoot. Her makeup is applied perfectly and her lips are much noticeably bigger. It could be a clever makeup trick, or she could've gone down the filler route... (you know you were thinking it too...) 

I really hope she hasn't because I actually think Anushka looks more beautiful in the first picture - and her lips aren't even that thin! The Bollywood industry is obsessed with all things big - big drama, big hair, big eyes and big lips! What makes Anushka stand out is that she actually looks different to the rest of the B-town clan - she has a quirky, imperfect beauty about her. Here she looks like another, generic actress. Her face wasn't designed for big lips so they look odd and out of place. 

What do you think? Has Anushka Sharma had a few 'tweaks' or could it just be clever makeup? Do you think she looks better with or without the trout pout??


  1. I agree! She looks much better with her natural lips and they're definitely bigger now. I've read she's got a lip job done as well. Dolling up to look like other actresses doesn't suit her. As you said, she's quirky and unconventional and that's what makes her pretty. Should we just allow discussing the in-the-middle-of-no-where bad fringe then?

  2. LOL! I can't concentrate on those bangs any more!!

  3. I think now she looks like a Botox faced Bollywood actress like all the other actresses!

  4. she did nose job not lip job-- focus on her nose it is smaller than before-------


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