13 April 2013

CELEBRITY: Beauty Looks this Week

Wow...  After all my moaning about all Bollywood actresses looking the same and never experimenting with their hair and makeup I was pleasantly surprised to see so many chic looks on the red carpet this week. Here are a few of my favourites...

Anoushka Sharma
When Anoushka first unveiled her fringe I wasn't too keen on it (still not tbh) BUT here her makeup redeems that awful 'running-for-mayor' hairstyle! There's nothing I love more then a contrasting pillarbox red lip with black hair and eye makeup... It's a classic that never fails to look good. Now, if only she'd get rid of that fringe...

Nargis Farkhi
This has to be my favourite look of the week! I'm slightly obsessed with Nargis anyway because she always looks so friggin amazing but she's really stepped it up here! It would've been so easy to look trashy what with the metallic silver dress, big curls and pink lip but Nargis has given it a chic twist but going for a matte lip texture and keeping the rest of her face understated and glitter free! HUGE girl crush on this woman...

Neha Dupia
I shouldn't like this but I do... Is she wearing too much makeup? Yes. Does it slightly age her? Yes. But, I still can't help but love how polished and put together Neha looks. Her base looks really natural (VERY important when you're wearing that much eye makeup) and the bronzer really enhances her cheekbones and brightens her face up (Would have loved to see a pinkier lipstick though).

Deepika Padukone
How amazing does Deepika's skin look! I need to track down her dermatologist and find out what she uses on her skin! As it comes up to spring I've started to prefer the more natural, glowy look and Deepika really pulls it off here. I love how polished her skin looks against those heavy brows (SO on season) and the flicked out liner and light pink lippie. Amazeballs.

Who do you think looks the best? It's a hard one but I'd have to pick Nargis!

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  1. I love nargiss' lip colour and Deepikas been getting it so right lately


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