22 April 2013

ASK DAL: How do I motivate myself to work out?

This week our Health & Fitness contributor Dal helps you get motivated...

Are you bored with your workout? Or are you lacking motivation to get started? Maybe you're making excuses when it’s time to exercise? Here are a few ideas to get you motivated to work out and stay motivated... 

Have a clear vision
Envision yourself fitting into those jeans you just bought or that bikini for your beach holiday. Taking these small steps will really help you to reach your ultimate goal. Share your set goal with a selective group of family or friends. A simple: ‘how are you getting on?' ‘wow you're doing well’, 'you look amazing’ can help to keep you on track. Recognition by others goes a long way to keeping you motivated and to reaching your goals. Compliments can help you feel better about yourself and let’s face it - no one gets sick of receiving compliments right? I certainly don't! ;)  

Be positive
It's very important to believe in yourself! Change your mind-set and think positively - you can achieve almost anything if you believe in yourself. Tell yourself you're an amazing person and you will achieve your goal no matter how hard it is. 

Get a trainer or gym buddy
To stay motivated you could hire a Personal Trainer with a proven history of delivering results to clients or you could train with a friend or family member. When you know that someone else is depending on you to work out, you don't want to let them down. This will motivate you to have an exercise schedule and stick to the planned workout appointments. Your workout buddy can be someone who you can turn to when you need advice a sympathetic ear when you feel guilty for eating a bucket of KFC or skipping a day of working out. 

Don’t overdo it! 
Every so often give your body a rest. Enjoy your 'rest days' by planning time with family, scheduling a movie or just curl up with a good book. Give your body and your brain a day to simply just 'be'. 

Be patient
You won't achieve your goals overnight. Be patient with yourself and set realistic time scales to reach your goals. Don't get discouraged with slow progress or setbacks You'll see results if you keep yourself focused. Most importantly tell yourself you can do it, and you WILL do it.

 Yours in health & fitness 
 Dal x 
 Health and Fitness Coach at www.bodyperfectpt.com

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