19 April 2013

3 of the Best: Blushers for Asian Skin

I've always been a bit of a blusher-phobe. As someone who suffers from slight redness around the cheek area I'd always assumed that blusher would only enhance the redness and make me look like a clown. So, for years I stuck to bronzer, unaware of how amazeballs blusher could actually make your skin look! 

Lately, as the sun has begun to peek out I thought it would be nice to experiment with a few blushers that I had and found that these three not only hid my red patches, they made me look younger and healthier - who needs Botox or a good diet! (I'm joking - everyone should strive to have a healthy diet... Er hem.) 

I've found that while deep pink, red and berry toned blushers look AMAZING on dark and black skin, it can be too harsh and unnatural on lighter Asian skin tones. It's better to opt for rosey, light pinks, mauves and corals. Here are a few that I'm obsessed with right now...

MAC Mineralize Blush in Feeling Flush
This review might be slightly pointless because Feeling Flush is part of a limited edition collection (the GORGEOUS Semi-Precious collection nonetheless). Having said that it's actually the finish of the MAC Mineralize blushes that I love so much, rather than the shade. It's a lot less harsh than MAC's normal blushers and it infuses into the skin to create a really natural, healthy glow. Gentle is very similar, or so I'm told, and has the same bluey undertone that complements Asian skin perfectly.

NARS Blusher in Orgasm
Most beauty fanatics will probably have this in their stash because it's such a cult product. It's one of those shades that suits most skin types but I think it looks especially beautiful of Asian skin tone. The warm coral hue really brightens my face and the light gold pearl running through it looks AMAZING when it hits the sunlight! Another beautiful, similar shade is Benefit's Coralista, which is perfect for darker skin as it's a little darker.

Benefit's Havana Blusher
I don't think I could survive without this blusher! It gives the most amazing, natural flush of colour to cheeks and the slightly blue undertone means that it counteracts any dullness and redness around my cheeks. It's extremely subtle which means you don't have to really buff it in - just swipe and go! The lightness of the pink means that it won't show up as well on darker skin, but it's lovely on slightly tanned, Asian skin tones. 

What are your favourite blushers? Are there any that you can't live without?!


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