26 March 2013

Meet our Health & Fitness Contributor!

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Remember this article on the effects of eating too much sugar? Well I got most of those great tips from personal trainer and health guru Dal Dhaliwal. I get so many questions from you all on how to stay fit and healthy so I thought it would be a great idea to bring Dal in as a regular Health & Fitness contributor! If you have any questions on how to get a flat tum, toned legs, or what kind of food you should be eating Dal is your woman! Send us your questions and each week she'll answer one (I have about a hundred, starting with how to get Katrina's toned stomach...)

But first, before we inundate Dal with questions on how to get a body like Bipasha (not easily I'm told) let's get to know her a bit better...

Dal is the owner of Body Perfect Personal Training Studio, Coventry. She specialises in female fitness including fat loss, stress management, health and wellness focused nutrition and training. She's also the first Asian female personal trainer in West Midlands (wow). Dal lives in Coventry with her husband and has three teenage daughters. In her spare time she enjoys going to the gym, dancing , yoga ,cooking , painting, sculpting , reading and shopping trips with her daughters! 

 What's the most common problem women come to you with?
Weight loss and fat reduction. Many women are unhappy about their stomach, thighs and bottom. I'd say stomach and lower body is the most common problem women present me with. 

Biggest misconception about exercise and working out?
Women often think lifting weights such as dumbbells etc will build too much muscle and make them look bigger and muscular like a man. The truth is working out with weights and body weight exercises coupled with a clean diet will help women too burn fat quicker. Long, boring cardio sessions won't get you that sleek, toned body - weights will. 

What beauty products are in your bag right now?
Mac lipstick in Cosmo, Jane Iredale pressed foundation, Smashbox Brow Tech Trio (A Brow & Wax Definer), Victoria's Secret Bombshell Diamonds EDP, Palmers Cocca Butter and Moroccan Hair Oil.

What's been your biggest beauty splurge?
My full head of 18 inch hair extensions by Greater Lengths, which are really kind to the hair. I have these in all the time and I love them!

Thoughts on women who wear makeup to the gym?
I wouldn't recommend wearing makeup to the gym! Makeup and sweat is not a good combination for the skin because it clogs up pores and encourages the bacteria to build up on your skin. This can lead to all sorts of skin problems including breakouts. If you can't bear to go without makeup then opt for a lighter mineral based tinted moisturiser or a bronzer. I personally find that just by wearing some lip gloss and a little water- proof mascara your skin can feel less ‘naked’.

You can email your questions to sami@theasianbeautyblog.com and Dal will pick one a week to answer... Oh how I spoil you...!

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  1. Really Looking forward to answering all your questions soon! Dal xx


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