3 March 2013

CELEBRITY: Rani Mukherji in Aiyyaa

Rani Mukherji's been off the Bollywood scene for a while but she's now back with a new film and sexier look! I literally had to do a double take when I saw the trailer for her new film Aiyyaa because she looks SO different! I've always loved watching her films and am in awe of how she manages to pull off such different looks, and unlike some actresses she's okay with taking beauty risks! Here are just some of her beauty looks from Aiyyaa...

This is more of a traditional 'showgirl' look and although I'm not keen on the strange headpiece her makeup looks gorgeous. Who knew she could pull off orange lipstick?! 

Those eyes! The accessories! This is vintage Bollywood glamour at its best - the beauty spot is also a nice, albeit gimmicky, touch.

For a minute I thought this photo was taken back in the seventies! The makeup artist has done a brilliant job of recreating a look from a different decade when bushy brows and red glossy lips were all the rage... 

Wowza - I don't think I've ever seen Rani look this good! The bold lip really suits her and that hairstyle would look great for a mehndi party.

Clearly (hopefully) they were going for a more ironic look here because bright blue eyeshadow with hot pink lips and a  dash of CRAZY can never look good, even on a Bollywood actress.

Sometimes the best beauty looks are the ones that require minimal effort. Sure, Rani probably spent ten hours in hair and makeup, but to the unsuspecting viewer this is her raw, natural beauty. 

Do you like Rani's new look in her latest film? Which one's your favourite??

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  1. So beautiful!!!



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