25 March 2013

Beauty rules you should break!

Growing up I got most of my beauty tips and tricks from magazines (internet access was limited back then… God I feel OLD!) Through these magazines and articles I learnt about beauty ‘rules’ and what you should and should not do. As a newbie thrust into the world of beauty I was slightly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of products, tips and advice so I took on each and every beauty rule that I came across and tried to follow them meticulously. But then as I got older I realised that these rules didn’t always work for me. Everyone is different - no eye brow/skintone/hair type is the same, which means we should be making our own beauty rules. Here are some of the rules that I tried to follow, when I should have actually been breaking them! 

THEY SAY: Always apply a lip liner before wearing lipstick  
I SAY: Life’s too short for lip liner 
How many times have you heard a makeup artist tell you that the key to a perfect lip is to begin with lip liner? This is impractical for many reasons: a) this isn’t 1999 and visible lip liner is no longer a trend, b) finding a lip liner to match your lipstick is time consuming, not to mention expensive (I’d be broke and in debt if I were to buy matching lip liners for all my lipsticks!) and c) ain’t nobody got time for that! If it’s a special occasion, or I want to wear a really bold red or pink lip I’ll apply the lipstick with a small brush over the outline of my lips first, but other than that it’s applied straight from the tube. 

THEY SAY: Always test foundation on your jawline to get an accurate colour 
I SAY: Go outside 
Department stores and most high street shops have artificial lighting, which means you’ll never really get an accurate idea of what your foundation looks like. If you’re getting colour matched by someone working at the counter I’d suggest stepping outside or going near a window to see how it looks in natural daylight. If you’re in an indoor shopping centre get someone to take your picture with a flash and if the photo makes you look like Casper then the colour is not right for you. Simples. 

THEY SAY: Trim your hair every month 
I SAY: Do it when you need to 
I’ve been told time and time again that I should be trimming my hair every four weeks (usually by hairdressers who want clients to visit monthly!) If I’d actually adhered to this rule I’d probably be stuck with a frumpy bob for the rest of my life! As I said before, everyone is different. If your hair grows at the speed of light (damn you) then by all means go for a regular trim, but do so only if you need it. I usually go to the hairdressers when my ends start to get really dry and curl up like they’re ready to die, but that’s usually twice a year (I know, I know). If you’re growing your hair I think it’s perfectly acceptable to go for a trim every few months rather than weeks.

Those are just some of the beauty rules that I've broken in the past and it's worked out fine for me (Ooo I'm such a rebel... LOL!) I want to know, what beauty rules have you broken??


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