4 March 2013

5 Instagram beauty accounts you NEED to follow

Before Apps and social media jumped onto the beauty scene most of my inspiration came from magazines and the TV, but now with sites like Tumblr and Pintrest, you can instantly find images and ideas. Instagram in particular has really blown up recently and through using it I've discovered so many great people and photos. Here are some of my favourite accounts that you need to be following right now!

Shamalah Hairstylist
This woman does the most amazing bridal hairstyles - they're so intricate and glamorous!
Slave 2 Beauty
I can't find a single pic that I don't like on this account. The girl behind it has the MOST AMAZING collection of makeup and her photography skills are crazy.

Basma K
Basma is so stunning and I love seeing what kind of makeup looks she'll come up with. I love that she experiments with colours and edgier styles too. 

Sonam Kapoor
Okay, technically this isn't a beauty account but definitely one for for Sonam Kapoor fans. I love that I can get a sneak peek into her life through Instagram (in a non-stalker way of course...)

Vegas Nay
Naomi, the woman behind this account is one of the most talented makeup artists I've ever come across. She also does shout-outs and pays homage to other MUAs which I think is really cool. 

Is anyone else on Instagram? Leave your account name below and I'll be sure to check it out! Mine is Sami_Rahman - check it out for pics on makeup, cookie the cat and lots of food!


  1. I wish I was more talented with my make up. These ladies are all gorgeous. Can't wait to check them out on Instagram.

  2. Mac lipsticks are my favourite! X

  3. Vegas Nay is one of my favs but I also like dressyourface and amrezy. Check them out! Mine is saimese :)


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