23 February 2013

TRIED & TESTED: Lips Wraps

As if society wasn't lazy enough, what with online shopping, Siri, automatic cars, etc... there's now an easy way to wear lipstick without having to reapply it, like, EVER. I'm talking about lip wraps! Borne from the idea of nail wraps (which I hate by the way, but that's a story for another day...) lip wraps are basically temporary tattoos that you apply to you lips for a perfect, long lasting finish. 

I found a few packets lying around in my 'need to test' drawer one afternoon so thought why not give it a go? They're relatively easy to use - just trim the tattoo to fit your lip shape, peel off the plastic film, dab on with water and  peel off. It reminds me of those wonderfully tacky temporary tattoos I wore as a kid!

The actual patterns on them are slightly questionable - and I doubt many people would actually wear this out of the house. I really wish they'd stock more wearable, block colours because the finish is amazing and it lasts for ages.  However, it's quite drying so you'd need to prep and buff your lips before applying it. I wore them for about an hour before trying to take it off. Word of advice - it takes FOREVER to remove! The instructions tell you to dab it with baby oil first but I still found the whole thing quite traumatic and by the end of it my lips felt like they'd been sanded down with a nail file.

I don't think I'll be rushing out to buy any more of these. Patterned lips might look great in an editorial shoot or on the runway but imagine walking down the pet food aisle of Tesco with pink leopard print lips. Not cute.

Trendy Lip Wraps cost £4.95 and are available to buy here.

What do you think? Has anyone tried the Trendy Lip Wraps? Would you wear them out of the house?!


  1. Crazy patterns; although knowing me I'd probably wear them! Looks fab, though! xx

  2. Wow, those are intense! I've never been a fan of nail wraps either, so not sure if I will try lip wraps too.
    But you're looking super gorgeous.

  3. this is crazy i love the lips :D


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