20 February 2013

Spring beauty trends that I can't wait to try!

While we've been wrapped up in our onesies, hugging the heater for dear life and sneezing out what feels like major organs, the fashion world has been getting ready for spring! This is my favourite season for makeup because it lets me have more fun and experiment with colours and textures I wouldn't normally go for. So, step away from the heater and join me in some escapism as I go through the trends that I can't wait to try this spring...

I'm not one to shy away from a bright lip but this spring it's all about playing around with textures so I'll be swapping matte finishes for a glossier pout. Pink is my go-to colour but I predict orange is going to be huuuge. It never really looks right on me and I just end up looking like a drunk clown but I'll definitely be trying out a more toned down coral shade. Recommendations please!
Whether you go for angled brows or defined cheekbones, it's all about structure and angles this spring. I love contouring my cheekbones but I haven't touched my eyebrows since 1991 so I'm going to play around with angles and see what other kinda brow would suit me. 
You might be thinking why on earth would anyone want to look like Pat Butcher?! but blue eyeshadow, when applied correctly, can look amazing, especially against dark eyes! Skip the grandma-esque powder blues and go for a more electric hue to keep it modern. The texture also needs to be matte otherwise we're stepping dangerously close to tacky-territory. 
What spring trend are you most looking forward to?


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  1. I keep reading about blue eyes but I would be scared to rock a blue eye =/ and yes you're right it does remind me of pat butcher LOL xx


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