12 February 2013

REVIEW: Pink Sugar by Aquolina

You know when you walk into Laduree or a really chic patisserie and are instantly mesmerised by the overpowering scent of cakes, sweets and gateaux wafting around? Well that's probably how I'd describe this perfume. I could tell you that the base notes are brimming with vanilla and caramel but essentially this is a cake-shop-in-a-bottle (eloquent eh!?) Of course that's great if, like me, you have a massive sweet tooth and the mere thought of cupcakes and macarons make you salivate but not so much if you abhor food-like scents.

I first caught a whiff of the men's version (which in a very non-stereotypical way is called Blue Sugar and smells pretty much the same, only sweeter...) on someone a while ago and instantly fell in love with it. Then, a few weeks back while I was in Sephora I spotted the women's version and decided to give it a try.

Although the bottle isn't as visually appealing as some of the other fragrances out there competing for attention, it is one of the strongest, long-lasting perfumes that I've come across. On first sniff it's quite spicy and sharp but once it's settled the sweeter notes really come out. It's offensively sweet which means it probably won't be to everyone's taste. I for one LOVE and have been wearing it everyday this week. I've also been having crazy cravings for waffles and nutella - coincidence?!

Pink Sugar isn't readily available in the UK but you can find it discounted to £13.95 on CheapSmells.com. I probably paid about £990 for it in Sephora when I was in Dubai (the exchange rate is confusing... I should really check my bank balance.... Eeep).

Has anyone else tried Aquolina Pink Sugar?

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  1. I absolutley love sweet fragrance so this is no exception, although there is a weird note that bugs me a bit, but I can't quite put my finger on it!


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