25 February 2013

Pastel Makeup Tips for Darker Skin

I've never subscribed to the school of thought that says you can and can't wear certain colours according to your skin tone, after all, beauty shouldn't discriminate! I love seeing Asian and darker skin girls experiment with different shades of lipstick and eyeshadow - if it looks nice, wear it! However, not everything will suit you (see below for some examples). Over the years, pastel makeup has always been something that I've had a hard time pulling off. When I'd see it on the runway or during a trend presentation it always looked amazing but at home it translated into a chalky, hot mess... Eeep. So how do you rock pastel makeup if you have darker skin?

The first think you need to remember is that you're applying a very light colour on to darker skin, so for it to really pop and not look chalky the pigment needs to be deep and vivid. Now I know the whole point of wearing pastel makeup is that it creates a nice wash of colour over your eyes or cheeks, but against brown or black skin it will look washed out. Intensify the colour by adding a cream base and layering a powder texture on top.

You also need to work out what colours enhance your complexion and what ones don't. I know I said there shouldn't be colour rules when it comes to makeup but it's a fact of life that there are some shades that just won't suit you. Take me for instance, no matter how much I try and make it work mint green eyeshadow just makes my skin look sallow and dull (I blame the yellow undertones in my skin). 

The photos below are also a good example of pastel makeup gone wrong. Aside from the obvious, Kim's makeup is too much of a harsh contrast - light, icy blue eyeshadow against dark hair and lashes. Alicia Keys' eye makeup, as well as looking very dated, makes her complexion look quite dull and dreary. The general rule is that because brown skin has golden undertones, wearing cooler shades like icy blues and whites can make the skin look washed out and dull. 

Do you have the same problem when wearing pastel colours? I'd love to hear some of your tips too!

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