18 February 2013

Four Ways to Get Clearer Skin for FREE

Yes, you heard right! So many articles these days are  full of 'miracle' products and expensive lotions and potions, all promising to give us clearer, brighter, better skin, but sometimes the best option is to keep your routine simple and stripped back to the bare basics. It requires very little effort and no money so there's no excuse to not follow them! I'm not about to start throwing out my products (as if) but I find that they work well when used in conjunction with these tips. You might already be doing some of these, you may not, but they are SO simple and can really make a difference to the condition of your skin... promise!

Most of us just slap our creams and cleansers on, give it a bit of rub and leave it at that, but taking the time out to give your skin a little massage can really help boost circulation, bringing blood closer to the surface of the skin and creating a more healthy, brighter complexion. I usually spend about 30 seconds or so massaging my day and night cream in and I find that it does make my skin look a lot more radiant and alive - especially in the morning.

Just as massaging your skin boosts the circulation in your blood stream, so does exercise. I've never had the inclination to fork out a huge amount on gym memberships but I do walk a lot during the day (unless it's a Sunday - no one should have to walk on a Sunday...). It's common sense but most of us are guilty of falling into a routine where we just sit in front of the laptop or television and forget to move around. Walk more and you will see your skin become healthier and brighter!

Taking the time out to relax and do something that you enjoy like reading, cooking or talking to a friend doesn't cost anything and can have an amazing effect on your skin. When you're stressed or thinking about your never-ending to-do list your skin can start to suffer. Everyone's skin is different and responds to stress differently. I have a friend who's skin erupts in spots when she's stressed, mine becomes really patchy and red, but one thing is for sure - stress isn't good for your skin so RELAX. 

Remember the term 'beauty sleep'? Well it's true - getting a good night's sleep can really improve the quality of your skin and stop you from getting dark circles and under-eye bags. Experts say that you should aim for about eight hours of sleep a day but I find six is more then enough to leave me feeling rejuvenated and rested. But like I said everyone is different and we don't all need eight hours of sleep. As long as you're not feeling lethargic and tired every morning it's likely you're getting enough rest and your skin isn't suffering.

What other (free) tips do you have for getting great skin?


  1. great post. Everyone forgets these steps. My fav is water. I can seriously see the difference when I stop drinking water, it makes your skin so much more healthy looking!

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