4 February 2013

Airplane Beauty Tips

Many of us tend to neglect our skincare routine when travelling. Whether it's from exhaustion, laziness or not having all you skincare essentials on hand, holidays can play havoc with our skincare regime. Take the  airplane for instance. High altitudes and lack of sleep can make your skin look and feel dehydrated. I usually try and squeeze in a mini cleanser and moisturiser with my hand luggage to use while I'm up in the air but my skin still manages to look lacklustre and dry. What I now do, the night before or a few hours before flying out, is give myself a really decadent, indulging facial to help keep it looking plump and luminous throughout the flight. I'll start by using a rich, creamy cleanser, followed by a gentle exfoliation (you don't want anything too harsh as your skin will probably be exposed to a lot of sun!) and a really indulgent face mask. My skin then feels a little healthier and hydrated during the flight. 

I don't have any 'airplane essentials' as such but I do find an eye mask is brilliant for squeezing in some serious beauty sleep! It completely blocks out light to help you get a good night's sleep. Other essentials and no brainers include deodorant, a toothbrush and lip balm. Last month, before my travels, I also picked up a mini travel beauty set by This Works. All the products are under 30ml so you can carry it on to the plane. The Fresh Skin Mist is gorgeous and really wakes and invigorates my skin. I usually apply it before I moisturise and it helps keep my skin feeling fresh and awake. The Turbo Balm is also great for multitasking and can be used as a lip balm or for dry nails, hands and feet. 

What are your best beauty travel tips??

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