4 January 2013

What have I been buying in the sales?!

Can someone please stop me?! 

This is one of my favourite times of year because everything goes on sale! That perfume I’ve been lusting after? On sale! Those shoes I wasn’t sure about? 50% off! You see it’s very easy to get carried away by it all and spend your life savings within a week! One of my beauty resolutions was that I stop spending money on unnecessary things so this is the last haul you’ll see on here in a while (promise). I’ll be reviewing them all separately in a few months, once I’ve given them enough of a trial.

1. Clarisonic Mia in Peony Pink, £120 £96
2. this works Clean Skin 5 in 1 Water £21 £16.80

What beauty bargains have you spotted during the sales?!


  1. haha so true about blowing your life savings in a week! im having an international giveaway on my blog incase youre interested! features goodies from ELF, Revlon, Wet n Wild and Victoria's Secret! :)

  2. What do you think of the EH and Alpha H? Which is best? Thanks xx Fab blog btw (: x

  3. Hey nayab... Will deffo check it out! And I'll write a more detailed review on the alpha h and Emma hardie products after I've used it for a while.... So that its more reliable and accurate x


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