10 January 2013

What do Rihanna and I have in common?!

 She's one of the most famous, successful female singers of our time and I'm... Well I'm just me, but a few months ago I was surprised to learn that I have something in common with the Diamonds singer. Now before you get excited it's nothing untoward, as her music might suggest - I don't like whips, chains etc... Oh no, we have in fact got the same skin tone. 

I met her makeup artist, Karin Darnell, a while ago and asked her to match me to the correct foundation shade - something that I can never figure out on my own! She suggested Iman Luxury Radiance Liquid foundation, which she uses on Rihanna and matched me to the same shade - Sand 5. Iman is a great brand for darker skin women and there are SO many shades to choose for so you're bound to find the right one for you. Of course I was immediately sold on it, secretly hoping that it might recreate that same dewy, luminous glow that Rihanna has. Well, a girl can dream right?!

The texture is a lot thicker than what I'd normally like in a foundation - I guess for video shoots and red carpet appearances it's perfect, but alas I don't think I'll be attending either of those any time soon. Ho hum. If you're looking for a good, long lasting foundation, that photographs well, perhaps for your big day or a special occasion, then I'd definitely recommend the Iman Liquid Silk foundation. 

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  1. You seem much lighter in colour than Rihanna.


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