31 January 2013

Wanderlust.... Dubai

Hello! I hope you're all well?! I'm finally back to the UK after a whirlwind three weeks in Bangladesh and Dubai! It's been a pretty crazy month and I've been surviving on four hours of sleep, copious amounts of coffee and good ol' adrenaline. Unfortunately all the travelling and lack of sleep has played havoc on my skin, which is starting to become patchy and dull... Eeek. So, while I try and ease myself back into normality and recover from post-holiday blues I leave you with some of my snaps from Dubai. I was only there for a few days, which is nowhere near long enough to really appreciate this vibrant city, but I still managed to buy WAY too much, especially in Sephora (more on that later)...


I absolutely LOVED Dubai and will definitely be going back for a longer holiday there! Look out for some pics from my trip to Bangladesh, coming soon... 


1 comment

  1. I'm still here in Dubai. I don't want to go back to cold London. Looks like you had a great trip!


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