15 January 2013

REVIEW: MAC Year of the Snake Collection

This month will see the launch of MAC's Year of the Snake collection. The products and promo images are a lot more glamorous and edgy than what you'd usually see in a MAC collection, in fact, it kinda reminds me of Illamasqua! It's quite a small range with only a few limited edition products so I don't expect it to be as popular as the other launches. The products I got to sample were: 

Beauty Power in Shell Pearl
Described as a pale peach with gold pearl this beauty powder is great for brightening up your skin. The icy undertones wouldn't usually work on dark or black skin but the coral warms it up making it very much wearable. Beauty Powders are usually quite naff in my opinion. They usually dither about on your face without really doing much but this one has quite a nice shimmer to it. 

Eyeshadow in Once Upon a Time
This has got to be one of the most beautiful eyeshadows I've ever come across! MAC describe it as a metallic vanilla and it's perfect to use as a highlighter on the brow bone or cheeks. It's larger than the original eyeshadows which I think is a bit unnecessary but if you're a makeup artist then it's perfect. 
What do you think of this collection? Is there anything you're planning to buy?


  1. Wow I can't believe this is the first I've heard about this collection! The packaging is actually quite nice, I'm usually not a fan of LE packaging. The eye shadow looks like a beautiful formula. I'll be checking this out when it launches for sure!


  2. Can u use the powder as a blush?


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