17 January 2013

How to Relax: Tips to help you chill out

I feel like a hypocrite writing this because I actually can NEVER seem to relax! Even when I’m watching TV or reading my Kindle I can’t seem to switch off those menacing thoughts that I should be doing a million other things. This is of course very unhealthy. It took my body pretty much closing down after a whole fortnight of working, preparing for my holiday and social engagements for me to realise that I just needed to STOP and chill. Easier said then done eh?! But it can be done. Even if it’s just one day or a few hours everyone should have some time to relax and unwind. Here are my tips: 

 Schedule me-time 
Do you keep a calendar or diary of important dates and events and tasks? Go through the entire week every Monday morning and work out a suitable time for relaxation. If your timetable is built around things to do and you follow your diary religiously then there’s no reason why you shouldn't be able to schedule a bit of me time. 

 Learn to say no 
Whether it’s another project at work that means more overtime or another party just say no. I'm guilty of accepting every invite for coffe/film/shopping trip and it sometimes means I double or triple book myself and end up juggling everything. Even cutting back on one event a week makes a huge difference.

Get organised
If you find yourself overcome with a million different things to do and no time at all then you need to get some organisation into your life. I find that making lists really helps because then I don't suddenly remember that I've got a deadline the next morning or an errand to run. Once you've made a list of things that needs doing for the day highlight the most urgent/important/horrible tasks and get them out of the way, otherwise it will hang over your head all day. 

I hope these tips were useful? Life can be pretty stressful but it doesn't need to be! Let me know how you like to relax. Trashy reality TV shows always help me 'switch off' ;- )


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