11 January 2013

How to become a beauty journalist

I get so many emails and messages from people asking me how to get into the media/magazine business that I thought it would be good to give you some pointers on what worked for me. Now, I’m not professing to be Sali Hughes (if you’re serious about being a beauty journalist you should know who she is) but I’ve worked in magazines for four eyes and have been freelancing and writing from the age of 18. There is no foolproof way and it won’t happen overnight but if you have the talent and work ethic then there's no reason why you shouldn’t succeed. Here are some essential points to take into consideration before you start...

 Being a makeup artist does not automatically make you a beauty journalist 
This goes for beauty therapists and hairdressers too. To be a beauty journalist you need to be able to write first and foremost. Established beauty journalists can write, research and engage their readers with thoughtful, unique articles ideas. Being able to do a great smokey eye doesn’t really mean much in the publishing industry so don't make this a focal (or any) part of your CV.

Passion overrides talent
The only thing more desired in a journalist then their ability to string together words is their passion. It amazes me when girls come up to me and say they want to break into the magazine industry, yet they don’t subscribe  to or read magazines. Editors will expect you to know their style, what topics they’ve covered and what needs covering so before you apply make sure you've read at least one issue and browsed their website.

Contacts are worth their weight in gold
The importance of having good contacts was drummed into me from the day I started my uni course and it's something I remember to this day. The beauty journalism world is very small and everyone knows everyone. It's also one of the friendliest industries so don't be shy to talk to people at events and launches! Simply introducing yourself and talking about the launch or brand is enough, and then if you spot them next time they'll know who you are. PR contacts are also essential to being a beauty journalist so take advantage of websites like Diary Directory .

I hope these tips were useful? Breaking into the publishing industry is VERY hard, soul crushingly hard sometimes, so think long and hard before you decide to take that path. But, if you love writing and reading as much as I do then I promise it'll be worth it! Let me know if you have any questions :)



  1. Love it, well written. I agree on the first point, every second MUA thinks she is a journalist and vice versa when journalists assume they are MUAs and beauty gurus. Does my head in! Expect to see plenty during LFW X

  2. I really disagree with your article, telling make up artists they cannot talk about make up or beauty is ridiculous as is your spelling, consdering you class yourself as a beauty journalist you really should spellcheck your work. And im sure i have seen you do the opposite and attempt to show us how to apply make up. Dont bring your stereotypes into the big wide world.

  3. LOL... firstly, there is not a SINGLE spelling error on this article and secondly, if you actually read it properly you would see that i said MUAs should not make being able to apply makeup a focal part of their CV... As in they need to write first and apply makeup second. Clearly this is a sensitive subject for you... lol


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