13 January 2013

CELEBRITY: Fringe Makeovers

Being in the public eye and facing so much scrutiny on what you look like means that celebs need to shakeup their look once in a while. Sometimes they go for a dramatic shorter cut, or a completely different colour, or even a fringe. Fringes are tricky, especially blunter, heavier cuts because it's so striking. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.... Check out these celebs who have all taken the plunge and gone for a full fringe!

Bipasha Basu gets bangs and adds curls

Diya Mirza takes the plunge with a thick, blunt fringe

Priyanka Chopra swaps Bollywood waves for a short fringe

Do you think they look better with or without a fringe?!

1 comment

  1. I think they look different with the fringe :) and I am the same, never sure if should fringe or not fringe :)
    xxx Marina

    beautiful me plus you by Marina Bergmann


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