14 January 2013

Books that every beauty addict should own

I'm a huge book nerd and I love beauty so it's only natural that I'd love beauty books. Sometimes it's hard to find the time to just sit down, relax and read a book, but when I do get the time these are the ones that I like to flick through...

Branded Beauty by Mark Tungate
 This is a book about how beauty is marketed to the public and how it affects us. It doesn't sound like the most exciting read but if, like me, you're genuinely interested in the beauty industry this will be a fascinating read. 
Buy it here

The Beauty Equation by Nigel Barker
Okay, confession: I only bought this because I have the biggest crush on Nigel Barker! He definitely made watching episodes of America's Next Top Model a lot more fun... Anyway, back to the book... The Beauty Equation is about how to achieve beauty from the inside out. It is a bit wishy-washy at times and it never really gets to the point but it's still a good read - and you get to oogle at Nige! 
Buy it here

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual
I don't know anyone who doesn't own the Bobbi Brown Beauty Manual. Aside from the beautiful photography and images, this book is a great introduction to makeup and beauty. It's a must have on everyone's bookshelf. 
Buy it here
Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules
Another Bobbi Brown book - but this one is aimed at teens. I'm not sure why I have it because my teenage years passed a good five years ago... Maybe it was during one of my Amazon buying frenzies, which I'm happy to say is now under control, ahem. It is a great book with basic tips on beauty and I think it would make a great gift. In fact, I wish I had this book when I was growing up - it might have deterred me from using stick foundation *shudders*. 
Buy it here

The Ultimate Guide to Beauty by Anjana Gosai
Anjana Gosai is one of my favourite beauty journalists so when I heard that she had a beauty book out I knew I had to have it! Unlike the other beauty books mentioned, The Ultimate Guide to Beauty has an Asian/ethnic twist to it. It has some great tips and is very relatable to Asian women. 
Buy it here

Lauren Conrad Beauty
One of the many great things about my Kindle Fire HD is that I can view books in full colour. I recently bought Lauren Conrad's new beauty book and although the text comes up smaller than usual, the images are gorgeous and incredibly clear. I always felt that books like this should only be reserved for the coffee table to sit and look pretty but I might be changing my mind... 
Buy it here

The reviews here are pretty basic but if you'd like more information just drop me a note. Who else enjoys reading beauty books? They're my guilty pleasure!

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