8 January 2013

Beauty Trends to look out for in for 2013

The beauty and fashion industry can be strange at times. While everyone else is happy plodding along with life, we're discussing and researching what trends will be big in six months time! It can be really disorientating, especially when you're visiting a gingerbread house filled with candy cane and snowmen in the middle of July for the latest Xmas beauty launches. Or being transported to a tropical island for a Spring/Summer trend presentation while it's snowing outside. Yes it can be pretty surreal and sometimes I have to double check my calendar just so I know that I'm in the right season! I guess looking so far ahead is the only way to prepare for upcoming trends. My brain is hurting from all this looking forward business, especially as we've just begun the new year, but bear with me while I list the predicted beauty trends for 2013. Think of it as a head start...

Bright Lips
A bold lip for spring/summer is hardly ground breaking news but this year the beauty industry have shook things up and gone for matte textures over gloss. Get ready to make a statement.

The Natural Look
The no-makeup makeup look can be hard to achieve and means that we'll be paying extra attention to our skincare regimes this year. Ditch the foundation and go for tinted moisturisers instead.

CC Creams
Honestly, I'm still trying to get my head around this whole BB phenomenon and the beauty industry have already moved on to CC creams! I think we'll see a lot more on this trend which promises to do more than the BB.

DIY Beauty Treatments/Cheaper Spas
Spa days, massages and facials can be expensive. This year experts think that there'll be a shift towards home treatments and cheaper, day spas to allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy some pampering. Sounds good to me!

Men's Grooming
The male beauty industry has been growing slowly but this year experts predict it to become even bigger with more brands launching a wider variety of men's beauty ranges. I just hope that we never have to hear the words 'guyliner' and 'manscara' EVER AGAIN. *shudders*

What beauty trends are you looking forward to the most?!

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  1. Given me the perfect excuse for the totally unnecessary bright lippie purchased last weekend :)


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