2 January 2013

Beauty Resolutions EVERY Woman Should Keep!

Every year we make a list of resolutions to keep with the best of intentions. Sometimes we keep them and sometimes they prove to be too hard (one year I decided to give up chocolate - that lasted, ooo about two minutes?!) But when it comes to beauty, there are some resolutions that EVERY woman should aim to keep. Here are mine to give you a bit of inspiration...

I will... Experiment more 
The beauty of makeup (pardon the pun) is that you can always wash it off it doesn't look right, so don’t be afraid to try out a different lipstick or eyeshadow. And the same goes for hair. I'm guilty of always having the same hairstyle, partly due to laziness and partly because I'm scared that a new style might not work on me, but what I fail to realise is that it doesn't matter because I can always brush or wash it out! There's nothing stopping me from trying out a messy chignon or spiral curls ( okay, maybe not that, but you get the gist...!) Nail art is also something I want to experiment more with in 2013 and if it doesn't work out or looks like a two year old has drawn on my nails I can always get the nail polish remover out and try again!

I will... Stop eating junk food 
This is a biggie. There's no point buying the most expensive moisturiser or cleanser if you smoke or eat a lot of junk food. Beauty begins on the inside so feed your skin with lots of water, fruit and veg. For more ideas on what you should be eating check out this article on food to make you more beautiful. I don’t smoke but I am guilty of over indulging on sweet treats and the not-so-occasional Red Bull so this is something that I’m going to make an effort to cut down on (God, give me strength!) 

I will... Give my hair a break 
Over-washing, product overload, backcombing, hairdryers, curling tongs, extensions and straighteners can all damage your hair. Of course, to achieve most hairstyles they're a necessity, but do we really need to do it all the time?? For 2013 I want to cut down on how often I use heated appliances on my hair, give my hair a break during the weekends and save blow-drying and backcombing for special occasions only. Flat is the new big.  

I will... Exercise more 
Who's guilty of marching over to the nearest gym come January 1st and forking out a small fortune on a membership, only to find themselves too lazy to return after day two of 'mission flat tum'?! It's a cliché but many of us make the same mistake every single year. Instead, I've decided to ease myself into exercise by joining a class! They're usually quite cheap and you can do it with your friends and family so there's always someone to spur you on (unless you're all lazy, in which case I can't help you). 

What beauty resolutions are you going to keep?


  1. You never know, if you give your hair a rest, it may become naturally "fuller". When I did this my hair was a lot stronger and healthier, and looked fuller too. Using protein treatments helped too.

  2. Great tipps! Will defo follow! Will also take care more of my hair and body in this new year!
    xxx Marina

    beautiful me plus you by Marina Bergmann

  3. One beauty resolution I need to keep is "Remember to use eyecream!". I have three on the go but I always forget to use any xx

  4. Hama - that's a good point! Hate using eye cream... It's just another step in my regime that I get lazy with lol x


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