7 January 2013

Beauty Blunders We're ALL Guilty of Making!

During my four years of being a beauty writer/obsessive I have learnt SO much about what not to do when it comes to makeup and beauty. When I think back to my teenage years I shudder at some of the blunders I made. In fact, I’m guilty of STILL making some of these beauty mistakes! Of course we learn from them so please forgive me for the crimes I’m about to share with you… Eeeek. 

Not wearing sun screen 
I’ve had it instilled into me as a youngster that 'dark skin don’t burn', so I never saw the need to slather on sun cream – how wrong was I. Yes, Asian and black skin are less prone to burning in the sun but it doesn’t mean we aren’t completely susceptible to the sun's rays and skin cancer. I’m usually covered up in clothes, even in the summer, but I keep my face and hands protected with moisturisers and creams that have an SPF. 

Picking the wrong shade concealer and foundation 
Okay, confession – I still sometimes get this wrong! My YSL foundation is way too dark for me and I look like a burnt orange when I wear it during the winter. I also get loads of foundation samples and although well meaning PRs try to match it to my skin tone, it’s never quite right. Picking the correct foundation and concealer shade is an ongoing problem for me because I can never decide what shade I am and every beauty counter I go to matches me differently. 

 Ignoring the tools 
For years I was applying my foundation and blusher with my fingers and although that’s fine for creating a no-effort makeup look, I could never seem to achieve that airbrushed, flawless complexion. Until I met Mr Stipple Brush that it. Blending and stippling brushes have made SUCH an amazing difference to how my foundation and powder look on my skin and are definitely a worthy investment.

 Neglecting my brows 
Eyebrows make such a difference to your face that it’s criminal to neglect them. My brows are super light and thin which meant in flash photography and with heavy makeup on it looks close to non-exsistent – Eeep. Now, if there’s one thing I do without fail it’s fill in my eyebrows. They frame my face and can make me look groomed and polished in an instant (even with greasy hair and under eye circles!) 

 Bronzer overkill
My name is Sami and I am a bronzing addict. Early mornings and bad lighting meant that I would attempt to cover up dull, pale skin with a brick load of bronzer, only to look in a mirror later in the day and wonder why I resembled a sunburnt lobster. Now I take my time and gently buff  the bronzer in so that it melts into my skin rather than disguises it. Less is more ladies!

What beauty crimes are you guilty of?!

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  1. No suncreen was the worst one i was guilty of until i started reading the facts and got scared so now i amsuper paranoid about wearing it. I tell everyone else to aswell. x


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