7 December 2012

'She's so... Jetset' Benefit Makeup Set

She's so... Jetset is the latest makeup kit in Benefit's Xmas collection. It's based around the concept of having a makeup kit for all your beauty needs while travelling and comes with a blusher, four neutral eyeshadows, a primer, mascara and lipgloss. 

Benefit have churned out a lot of  makeup sets similar to this one before and they always have one or two of their best-selling products in there. The packaging, in true Benefit style, is fun and glam. They've included a mini porefessional, which is one of my all time FAVOURITE primers and the much talked about They're Real mascara. I'm not madly keen on the eyeshadows and blusher in this kit - I feel like I've seen it all before - but apart from that I think it's great value for money and would make a gorgeous gift!  

It's priced at £29.50 but ASOS have a beauty flash sale and are currently doing it for £14.50 - you won't find a better offer then that! HURRY - it ends tomorrow at noon!



  1. Thats a great deal! Is the face powder a certain shade like a blush?

  2. I love all the benefit sets, they look so pretty but can't afford to buy all of them =/


  3. The face powder may be some little prove you'r skin if you use beauty products very carefully.I like such a great products.


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