19 December 2012

REVIEW: Benefit Peek-A-Bright Eyes Kit

Okay, so I think I might be slightly obsessed with Benefit.

Last week I visited my local counter to see if they had anything new when it dawned on me that I owned or had tried out nearly every.single.Benefit.product.... Excessive much?! I'm still debating whether that's something to be proud of or if I should be burying my head in shame... 

The latest treat from Benefit to join my stash is the Peek-A-Bright Eyes Kit. It comes with three eyeshadows and an Eye Bright, which you'd usually find in a pen format. I've used Eye Bright before and the colour is a pale, milky pink, which for my yellow/Asian undertones can come out a bit grey. The kit claims to help brighten and open your eyes up so it's ideal for the festive season when sleep is usually the last think on our agenda. Unlike most Benefit kits this one is really compact so it's great for travelling with and comes with a huge mirror. The eyeshadows are colours that I'd definitely use on a daily basis although the quality is not on par with MAC or Urban Decay. 

I think it's a great palette to take on holiday or keep stashed in your handbag for touch ups but at £24.50 it's probably not worth the money. I've got quite a few makeup kits from Benefit which are roughly the same price but have more products in them. 

You can't seeit in this picture but the packaging is really pretty and has a holographic design!

A close up of the eyeshadows and Eye Bright, which is a little to light for me
Does anyone else have a huge collection of Benefit products or is it just me?!

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