14 December 2012

Behind the Makeup: Noreen Khan

This month's beauty interview is with BBC Asian Network DJ and TV Presenter Noreen Khan. I've always thought Noreen was super glamorous and I REALLY wanted to find out how she gets her hair so damn big. I'm also obsessed with her Instagram pics and love how she experiments with her makeup so I knew she'd be perfect for the Asian Beauty Blog! 

What's inside your makeup bag?
You'll find an array of goodies including products by YSL, Laura Mercier, MAC, Lancome and a whole lot more!

Tell me about your skincare routine? Any tips?
My routine includes regular facials at the salon and the basic cleanse- get every scrap of make up off, then tone and finally moisturise.

What's been your biggest beauty blunder?!
It was at the age of 17 when I dyed my big curly bob blonde! I think even then I was inspired by Marilyn!

Who's the most glamorous celebrity you've ever met?
It has to be Madhuri Dixit, who I adore.

What's your secret to getting big, glamorous hair?! 
I've always had naturally big, volumised hair - I'm very fortunate to have inherited it from my parents Then a few years ago I started experimenting with rollers and found a routine that worked for my hair and this gives me the flicks and volume.

Any plans for 2013?
I'm hoping to get my big hair on mainstream telly. Just watch this space!

Perfume... Midnight Rose by Lancome
Brand... MAC
Beauty Icon... Marilyn Monroe

Catch up with Noreen on Twitter @DJNoreenKhan or follow her on Instagram 'DJNoreenKhan'

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  1. If ever I needed further convincing of the fact that rollers are the best; this is it!


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