17 December 2012

Beauty trends that men just don't get

I'm sure I speak for a lot of you when I say that women don't do their hair and makeup solely for men. Sure it's nice to get a compliment but it's unlikely that they care what type of foundation you've got on or if that new lipstick suits your skin tone. However, in my years of experimenting with makeup and different looks I've come to to realise that there are some beauty looks that men will never get or just down right hate! So I enlisted author Sathnam Sanghera to go through some of the worst offenders... 
Half-shaven hair
I don’t recognise this person. I’m old and past it, but she looks like someone who has been driven to insanity by a spouse who routinely fails to notice she has had her hair done. Of course, the temptation on seeing this hairstyle for the first time would be to pretend you hadn’t noticed it. A desperate and transparent cry for attention. 
Is Jennifer Lopez still famous? I have no idea. And to be honest, looking at this picture, I’m wondering if she’s still alive even. Is morgue-chic a thing now? Not good. 

The Pixie Cut
Rhianna is everywhere, isn’t she? Living alone, I think I probably see her face more than any other face in the world. More than my mother’s. More than my newsagents even. One senses from these wildly different hairstyles that she knows it. She is trying desperately to make us look at her anew, but I’m afraid that it just makes me feel very tired. 

The Top Knot
This looks lovely, I think. The only problem – and I don’t know how to say this without sounding weird – is that she looks like me. Not now, of course. Nowadays I’m more Salman Rushdie than Alesha Dixon. But I had a topknot as a Sikh boy, until I was 14. And this just brings back memories of being mistaken for a girl.

Thanks Sathnam... That was quite revealing and gave me a good giggle! Are there any hairstyles or looks that your man really hates?!


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