12 November 2012

You are what you eat: Food to make you beautiful!

When most people hear that I'm a beauty journalist the first question they'll ask me is: how do I get the perfect complexion?! And, although there's no simple answer, I always start by asking them what their diet is like. To me, beauty begins on the inside and that includes having a good attitude, kind heart and healthy lifestyle. There are a number of factors that can cause you to have bad skin but no amount of lotions and potions can help when you're putting crap into your body! Changing your diet is hard (trust me I know - I have a chocolate drawer at work... and at home...), but there are small changes that you can make to help get clearer, glossier skin. To start with, here are some ingredients that have AMAZING skin benefits and ways to incorporate them into your everyday diet...

Oily Fish
Salmon, sardines and mackerel are all packed with omega-3 fatty acids which help repair and protect the skin cell membrane. When the walls of these cells are stronger they retain more water, thus making the skin softer, brighter and plumper. Next time you're in a restaurant try swapping your usual chicken or lamb dish for Salmon. 

Green Veggies
Vegetables like Spinach and Broccoli are an excellent source of vitamin A and C, which your body needs to produce sebum - a substance that naturally conditions the hair. Spinach in particular is great for skin and it's packed with vital nutrients and antioxidants that helps fight inflammation and free-radical damage - one of the triggers for fine lines and wrinkles. It's also loaded with beta-carotene, a super-charged antioxidant that helps speed up skin cell turnover to keep it feeling supple. 

.Compared to other fruits and berries, Blueberries have the most antioxidants per serving. This can help prevent premature ageing and wrinkles . The high vitamin C content also helps speed up collagen production.

Dark Chocolate
Chocolate is often wrongly accused for causing spots and acne but in fact, dark chocolate contains high levels of antioxidants and flavonoids which can help protect your skin from sun damage and increase the blood flow to your tissues. The key is moderation and you should aim for one or two pieces a day and it should be at least 70% cacao. 

And 5 Foods that can Ruin your Looks...
Not only can it make your face puffy and dull, salt is also known to aggravate acne.

White Bread 
Food with a high gylcemic index like white bread, pasta and cakes have recently been linked to the increase of acne. White bread can also cause skin flare ups and has no nutritional value.  

Sweets and fizzy drinks are quite possibly the worst things for skin. Like salt, sugar can cause skin to flare up and look dull or red. It also damages the elastin and collagen making skin sag and wrinkle. 

I could probably write a theseus on healthy food but the truth is, however much we know that something's good for us, following it is not as easy. I have a MAJOR sweet tooth and am constantly snacking on chocolates and cakes which are loaded with sugar so I try to counteract that by avoiding fizzy drinks, takeaways and white bread. I also try to eat oily fish and green veg as much as possible. I've noticed that my skin looks really dull and lacklustre when I've been eating lots of junk and drinking fizzy drinks. If you do want to make a change to your diet but aren't keen on giving up chocolate or crisps the one thing I'd recommend for you to quit is FIZZY DRINKS. I literally don't know anyone who drinks fizzy drinks regularly and has good skin. It's SO loaded up on sugar that it can completely ruin your complexion and make you look older and tired!


  1. Absolutely loved reading this post. I'm always trying faddy diets but at the moment i've decided to make a 'lifestyle' change. I'm definitely going to be avoiding white bread and as much sugar as I can. I also love blueberries so it's great to see that they prevent ageing and wrinkles! xx

  2. Thanks Grace! Blueberries are great for getting good skin... I eat it with Greek yoghurt! xx


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