20 November 2012

WINTER WARMERS: Sensual Scents

For the third instalment of my oh-so originally named Winter Warmers section I'll be going through my favourite winter scents. Colder, darker days call for deeper, muskier scents. There's something about perfume that can completely alter your mood and so I always reach for the heady, richer scents that are usually too garish for summer. Now, I'm no perfume connoisseur so my descriptions might not be as eloquent as I'd like them to be. As with all perfume recommendations I would advise you to go to your perfume counter and sniff them yourself.  

Vera Wang Princess Night
I've always loved the original Vera Wang Princess scent ( I've been through two bottles of it and this only happens with perfumes that I REALLY like) so I knew I'd been in for a treat when Princess Night launched. Like the original it's quite fruity but with a few deeper, muskier notes thrown into the mix. What immeadiately hits me when I spritz this on is the tangy raspberry and wild berries.The only downside is that the bottle is mahooosive and encrusted with chunky glitter which means I can't carry it around with me for fear of scratching up everything in my bag, 

D&G The One Rose
I'm not keen on floral scents - they remind me of grannies and talcum powder (don't ask) but the rose version of D&G's The One is less OAP and more sultry, making it the perfect winter fragrance. It's a lot fresher and cleaner that the other, muskier scents that I've mentioned but sometimes you need a simple, crisp scent. Love the dinky bottle too!

Jimmy Choo
The Jimmy Choo fragrance is one of my all time favourite scents! There are mixed feeling about it - some people find it's tarte sweetness a bit sickly - but I LOVE it. It is sweet, but not in the same way that Angel is. It's a lot more woody, rich and warm. I'd describe it as very sexy and completely intoxicating. 

Calvin Klein Euphoria
I generally don't like CK fragrances (CK One being the exception - OBVIOUSLY) but Euphoria really surprised me. Again it's quite musky but not strong or offensive. I have an issue with the bottle though, because it's such an awkward shape.

What perfumes are you going to be wearing this winter?


  1. Jimmy Choo and Alien are my absolute favourites!

  2. Nice! I'm following you know..!

  3. Great review!

    Inspiration is what I get from reading your blog,
    So that deserves a new follower :)

    Love your style and see you as such as good inspiration!!

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time



  4. havent tried any :p but i do have ck's euphoria in a spring limited edition version, very flowery! lol. you have a lovely blog :) im your newest follower :)


  5. Thank you Janice - that's so sweet of you!
    Nayab - CK scents are hit and miss for me... Euphoria is definitely an exception!


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