19 November 2012

REVIEW: MAC Lipstick in Pink Nouveau

MAC's Pink Nouveau was one of the
first 'proper' lipsticks I ever bought. I remember being totally mesmerised by the bright dolly pink peeking out of the tube, but when I took it home I felt that the colour was just too light for my complexion and so it was left languishing at the bottom of my lipstick drawer. Then recently, in an attempt to make more use out of my makeup collection, I decided to give it a second chance  and was surprised by how lovely it looks! I had always thought that light pinks were a no-no for Asian skin but you can wear it. Just remember these little points:

'Dab' it on
Pink Nouveau is extremely pigmented, which is great, but it can look a little 'clowny' when contrasted against dark skin, so I've learnt to lightly dab it on so that the colour doesn't look too harsh against my skintone. Do it a few times and then press some tissue over your lips to get rid any excess.

Ditch the bronzer 
I'm a bit of a bronzer addict which means that my skin ends up looking darker than it really is. When I wore Pink Nouveau I paired it with a light pink blusher and found that it complimented the lipstick perfectly. Basically you want to avoid looking like this and more like this.

Pink Nouveau is a GORGEOUS lipstick with amazing pigmentation. The finish is Satin so it glides on really smoothly and has a lovely semi-gloss texture. I did find it slightly matte which mean that you'd also need to really prep your lips before putting it on. Other than that I'd say don't be afraid to try lighter colours if you have dark skin - it can look amazing when worn properly! 

Has anyone else found light pink lipstick difficult to wear??

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