29 November 2012

REVIEW: Budget Eyeliners

Eyeliner is something that I wear all the time so it's important that I pick the right one. It should be something that isn't too fiddly to use, lasts all day and can be used regularly without breaking or drying up really quickly. I tend to stock up on cheaper brands because I use it so often and my budget doesn't allow for £20 eyeliner splurges every few months. Superdrug are currently doing 2 for 3 on all makeup products so when I went to pick up my usual liquid liner I thought I'd try out some other brands as well.

The Collection 2000 Fast Stroke liquid liner is probably my most repurchased product. It costs £2.99 I can afford to stock up on them and use it nearly everyday. The nib isn't quite as thin as other liquid liners but I like my top eyelid flick quite thick so it's fine. It's also quite pigmented (although you do need two coats to get a really black colour) and stays on all day. The Maybelline Gel Eyeliner is similar to my Shu Uemura one but costs a fraction of the price. I know we're discussing budget eyeliners BUT the Shu Uemura gel liner is fabulous. Once applied it won't budge - I wore it scuba diving in Egypt and it remained completely intact! 

Although I can't implement the same diligent testing methods for the Maybelline gel liner (no budget) I have to say the formula and texture is very similar. It's super pigmented and stays on all day. The third eyeliner that caught my eye was Bourjois' Queen Attitude Kohl Kajol. Kohls are a lot more pigmented and create a more intense smokey eye than a regular eye pencil. The nib looks big and a lot of people have commented, wondering on how you would sharpen it. I would say that you DON'T because a) you can't and b) the point will stay fairly sharp anyway. This eyeliner isn't meant for precise flicks and steady lines, it's to create an intense, smokey black eye. It glides on really smoothly but I found that the colour didn't last as long as a gel liner does.What really caught my eye was the packaging - it looks really luxe and glam! 

I love that more affordable brands are offering a wider range of options for eyeliners now and I can't wait to try out some more!

Do you prefer budget eyeliners to high end ones?

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