13 November 2012

FASHION: How to Wear Hair Jewellery

Since Chanel showcased their pre-fall Bombay Express collection the fashion and celebrity world have gone gaga for Indian-inspired jewellery! Having grown up wearing Asian clothes I've become accustomed to wearing the elaborate accessories. No sari or kameez is complete without chandelier-heavy earrings, a wrist-full of bejewelled bangles and a tika or hair piece of some sort. But now, what was once solely reserved for my Asian clothes has slowly seeped out into non-Asian attire too. I'm all for mixing up cultures and adding traditional touches to an outfit but hair jewellery can be extremely difficult to pull off without looking tacky and cliché. Here are some basic rules to help you keep it looking glamorous....
Do keep it simple: If you're planning to wear hair jewellery during the day I'd suggest something more delicate and less glitzy. Go for light metallics with simple chains and keep the rest of your accessories to a minimum. 

Don't get out your wedding jewels: A simple tika or head piece looks really glamorous during the evening but whatever you do, DO NOT pile it on so much that you end up looking like you're off to get married. Leave the 'jhoomar' at home please!

Do turn it into a headband: The easiest, most effective way of wearing an Indian-inspired head piece is to wear it as a hairband. Simply wrap a bejewelled necklace or bracelet around the base of your ponytail or across your head.
Don't forget to match it to your outfit: An elaborate gold tika adorned with red jewels looks lovely with a sari - not a blazer. Don't take the whole east-meets-west fashion trend too literally - it's about using pieces that are inspired by Asian jewels rather than your actual head piece from Kyles!

Here are some gorgeous head pieces that you can buy NOW from the high street!

I hope these tips have been useful? Up until now I've been kinda scared of wearing hair jewellery because it IS hard to pull off, but I love the look so much that I've started testing it out. I'll post some pics of myself wearing them when I get a chance! Would love to know how everyone else styles theirs too!



  1. hi who is wearing this hair piece and who is it by

  2. I'm sad this trend never really took off in the Northwest Coast :(


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