25 November 2012

CELEBRITY: Sonam Kapoor's Top 10 Beauty Looks

I have the biggest beauty crush on Sonam Kapoor, so when I decided to do a run down of her top 10 beauty looks I knew it would be hard to find just ten. Sonam Kapoor, for those of you who don't know her, is a an actress/fashionista in Bollywood. She's known more for her fabulous style than her acting and can usually be found gracing the front row at high profile fashion week shows like Burberry and Ellie Saab. She's kind of a big deal in the fashion world - the Asian Olivia Palermo of Bollywood, you could say. Here are her most iconic, popular beauty looks...

Long, tumbling curls are Sonam's signature look but she keeps it contemporary by loosening the curls and adding more volume to the roots. I love that it's not too styled and almost looks natural. 

I love the french braid going across Sonam's head here. It's very chic but, again, not contrived. It also looks like she's wearing very little makeup (although I doubt she wakes up looking like this). 

Style chameleon that she is Sonam knows how to switch it up and try out different hairstyles. The curls err on the side of being too doll-like but the looped, fifties-style fringe redeems it. Love the bright pop of red on her lip too!

Here Sonam's working it on the red carpet at Cannes.I love that she had a bit of fun with her makeup and went for a glittery, gold eye and kept the rest of her face natural. The hair is not something I would go for but it's quite edgy and a nice alternative to the boring buns you usually see at these events (cough, Aishwarya, cough...)

Sonam channels goth-chic in this red lip and pale skin combo. I love how simple it all looks - like she just threw her hair into a messy chignon (yeah right). I need to find out what lipstick that is!

This is one of my all time favourite looks of Sonam's. Where do I start? The glossy locks, the bold brows, the smokey eye, those cheekbones - she looks like she just came off the Chanel runway (where she had this picture taken actually). The The middle parting shouldn't work on her face shape but with the makeup and contouring it really brings out her model-esque bone structure. 

Another one of my favourite beauty looks from Sonam. I love how the fresh, vibrant colours sync with her accessories (the tangerine lip paired and bright green earrings really complement each other). Her skin looks flawless too. I love the bright coral blush and fresh, dewy skin. 

Here Sonam goes for ladylike chic with a soft pink blush, flirty cat eye and light pink lip. I love the messy bun and embroidered headband combo too - very Gossip Girl! 

THIS is how a smokey eye should look. The glossy black lids are left ever so slightly messy and grungy while the bright pink blush makes her skin look more fresh and healthy. I love the slicked back hair too. 

Now and again Sonam likes to have a bit of fun with her makeup. I love the pop of green on her eyes and the big, messy plait. 

Okay, enough gushing. Even the most stylish of celebs CAN get it wrong sometimes, so, in the interests of being fair I dug up a photo of Sonam getting it epically wrong. Ladies (and gentlemen?) I present to you the rhino horn....

Nuff said.

What do you think of Sonam Kapoor's beauty style? Which one's your favourite? I want to try and recreate some of these looks!


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