26 November 2012

Beauty Sleep... 5 of the best overnight treats

Dermatologists say that your skin works up to eight times harder overnight so what you put on before you go to bed is very important. After cleansing my face and removing all traces of makeup I like to apply a serum or overnight treatment to work it's magic before I go to sleep. I'm always testing out a new product so I'll have 2 -3 on the go but here are some of my favourites that I always end up going back to... 

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum £37.50
This is one of those cult products that most women probably keep on their bedside table. It's had so many amazing reviews and has been known to help fight ageing. It's inspired by DNA research so the product goes deep into the skin cells and fixes the problem from the inside out. This is really important because some skincare products merely repair the skin's surface, forgetting that good skin starts from deep underneath the surface! As well as helping to prevent ageing (results that will only show after a few years I assume, the ANR serum also reduces signs of past damage like scars and dark spots (although I haven't seen much improvement, yet). I've persevered with this serum and although the results can't be see overnight I do feel like my skin's texture and elasticity has improved somewhat. The gel like formula feels sticky when you apply it and takes some getting used but after a few minutes my skin feels lovely and hydrated. 

Decleor Rose D'Orient Soothing Night Balm £32.50
Balms are great for dry, flaky skin but if you suffer from oily skin it can be a bit too rich and heavy. This is one of my favourite balms for winter because it's so soothing and helps calm the redness in my skin. The rose scent is also really invigorating and helps relax me before I go to bed. The texture is creamier than a traditional balm so I use it sparingly to stop my skin become too oily. I also pat it on gently because it's so thick and it can pull and enlarge the pores if you rub it in too vigorously. This is a lovely night time treat for days when I need to relax and drift off to sleep. And my skin wakes up feeling plumper and softer!

Omorovicza Rejuvenating Night Cream £62.70
I haven't used many products from this brand but I did receive a small sample of the Rejuvenating Night Cream to test out. Everything about this brand screams luxury making it a gorgeous treat for those days when your skin is really suffering or looking lacklustre. The texture, unlike most night creams, is really smooth, creamy and surprisingly light, making it suitable for most skin types. It's also really hydrating and I found my that my skin instantly looked plumper and elasticised the morning after. This is definitely one of the best night creams I've come across but the eye watering price means that I'd think twice about buying a full size jar. 

Philosophy Keep the Peace Super Soothing Moisturiser £36
Philosophy's Keep the Peace skincare range is designed to help calm redness and sensitivity and although I don't suffer too badly from either I found the moisturiser to be really light and hydrating. Most night creams can be heavy and I find that on my combination skin they can be a bit too rich and tend to clog my pores. Moisturisers like this work SO much better because it offers overnight hydration but is light enough to wear. 

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate £36
This is another cult skincare product that most people would have tried or at least heard of. I can only describe it as a miracle treatment because with just a few drops my skin instantly feels softer and smoother and the next morning I wake up to a brighter, healthier complexion  It's apparently meant to be most effective from midnight to 4am (not sure how that works - maybe it has an in-built clock...) Aside from that it's packed with omega 6 fatty acids (essential for soft, healthy skin) and evening primrose oil (good for calming and soothing). It also helps strengthen the skin and claims to contain 99% natural ingredients so even sensitive skin suffers can use it. 

bareMinerals Active Cell Renewal Night Serum £38
The bareMinerals skincare range is highly underrated in my opinion. For a brand whose ethos is natural, natural, natural, I'm surprised that it hasn't had as much recognition as it deserves. The Active Cell Renewal Serum does what it says on the bottle - it helps speed up skin cell renewal by shedding dead cells and creating new ones. This helps create a stronger barrier on the skin which in turn helps it become healthier and less prone to damage. Again, this is one of those serums that works from deep within the skin so although you might not see results straight away it really does improve your skin's appearance over a few weeks. 

Phew! I feel like I just wrote a thesis on skincare! It's worth mentioning that for these products to actually work you need to get enough sleep. Anything less than six hours is likely to make your skin look worse, no matter how great the products you're using are. I also apply night treatments and serums before moisturiser so that it sinks deeper into my skin.


  1. I ordered the Omorovicza toner the other day, just waiting for it to arrive in the post. I also finally bought the Kiehls serum after reading so many great reviews. x

  2. I want to try the Kiehl's one. I have the Estee Lauder Night Repair serum and I love it! Staple in my skincare routine xx

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