7 October 2012

Nicki Minaj Lipsticks: Who do they actually suit?!

Having already conquered the music world, singer, rapper, American Idol judge and all round supastar Nicki Minaj set her sights on the beauty industry She's already launched her own OPI nail polish range, a fragrance and two MAC lipsticks. Being such a huge fan I was quick to get my hands on her nail polishes and even quicker to grab her MAC lipsticks. Finally, a pink lipstick that would suit me, I thought to myself. After all, my skin was only slightly lighter than Nicki's, but boy, how wrong was I... 

Beautiful colour, texture and tone... but just not for me

The LE Pink Friday lipstick launched when Nicki was just reaching her peak so there was mass hysteria over who could get their hands on one before it went. It sold out in minutes on the MAC website so I clicked onto Selfridges.com and eagerly bought it there. With postage and packaging it came up to £17.50. I was horrified but comforted by the fact that I'd soon be in possession of a light pink lipstick that, for once, wouldn't make me look like a corpse. Fast forward two years later and I've probably only worn Pink Friday once. At home. for a few minutes, until my sister pointed out that I looked an 'adult movie actress' and I quickly wiped it off. Since then it's been banished to a dark corner in my makeup drawer, only popping out once in while when I *hope* that it might look nice on me (maybe there was bad lighting last time??) Alas, it never happened, but my hope was restored  when MAC announced another lipstick collaboration with Nicki Minaj, this time for their Viva Glam range. Unlike Pink Friday, which had a very cool, icy undertone, Viva Glam Nicki was a brighter, warmer toned coral-pink. I excitedly grabbed an exclusive sample before it came out in the hopes that this was the Nicki lipstick that I'd been waiting for and although it was a lot more flattering, there was still something 'off' about it. The yellow undertones did not sit well on me and made my face look extremely yellow and sallow. It was also too bright and garish for my tanned skin and I imagine it wouldn't suit anyone darker than me either. 

Now, before all you 'Barbs' start to get offended let me say I'm not here to badmouth the Nicki Minaj lipsticks. Both are extremely beautiful colours in their own right and they have something very unique about them (you'd be hard pressed to find a dupe to Viva Glam Nicki). What I am complaining about is that they don't suit me and I guess no one's to blame for that. I do however think that these lipsticks are extremely unflattering on darker skinned women - heck it doesn't even suit Nicki herself! Just look at the picture above and you'll see that the tone is completely wrong and her lips are too dark to carry it off (note the dark lines?) Nicki Minaj doesn't have a duty to represent women of colour but it is a shame that she didn't think to produce a lipstick that would actually appeal to the majority of her fans. It's not all bad news though - I've found that if you lightly dab it on to your lips, like a stain, it looks quite nice (and it'll probably last you 1000 years so great value for money!) *clutches at straws*

Has anyone else found the Nicki Minaj lipsticks hard to wear?!


  1. OMG you took the words right out my mouth! i dont even no what i was thinking when i bought the viva glam nicki lippy, it always separates on my lips and i just i hate the formula! its so unflattering ><

    Thank you for pointing this out! i thought i was the only one who hated this lipstick haha :) xxx

  2. i have to agree this is a god aweful lipstick!

  3. Totally agree, this is at the top of my 'products I regret buying' list!


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