9 October 2012

My NARS Haul

I picked up this NARS Makeup Set last month during a shopping frenzy on ASOS (free next-day delivery if you spend £100000000 - it'd be rude not to fill my basket up...) Anyway, it was a completely unnecessary purchase but justified on the basis that I don't own enough NARS products (and you can neverhave enough...). I've previously sung the praises of buying makeup sets rather than individual products, especially if you're not too familiar with a brand, and it really is a great investment (unless there's a product in there that you absolutely LOATHE, but at least you know eh?!) Now, this post might be a bit useless on account of the makeup set no longer being available on ASOS and I've forgotten the name of it... Eeep. Let's move on to the actual products, shall we?

Laguna Illuminator
The Laguna powder bronzer has got to be one of my all time favourite bronzers. It's perfect for warming up the skin without making it looking too orange or muddy and great for subtle contouring too. I'd hoped that the Laguna Illuminator would have a similar effect and although the colour is gorgeously golden and warm, it's extremely pigmented so you have to be really careful when applying it. It's packed with shimmer and has subtle gold highlights running through it so be selective on where you apply it - the t-zone is a no-no. If you're looking to keep your summer tan a bit longer you could also apply this over your legs, cleavage, etc. 

Desire Blush and Albatross Highlighter
I'm such a Magpie when it comes to pink so I was instantly drawn to the Desire blush in this set. The bright, dolly pink creates a lovely, youthful glow and really plumps up your cheekbones (any more plumping and I'll look like a Russian doll... :S). I would advise anyone trying this blush for the first time to use a very light hand. Anything stronger than a feather-light touch and you'll actually look like one of those creepy Russian dolls... In contrast, Albatross is a lot more subtle. The sheer finish and light gold shimmer makes it easier to apply than most garish highlighters (MAC MSF - I'm talking to you) and you can always layer the colour on to get a more intense finish. I use this on the top of my cheekbones and under my brows to give it a less one-dimensional look. 

NARS Pro Primer
I'm usually a bit sceptical about primers - it just feels like an unnecessary step to my beauty regime and, if it's very thick, I feel like I'm wearing too much makeup. The Pro Primer however goes on like a super light, absorbent cream and, because it's oil-free, it gives my t-zone a decent matte finish. My foundation also goes on a lot more smoothly and melts in seamlessly to my skin after I've applied this. My only bugbear is that it doesn't disguises large pores very well but that's me nitpicking.

Who else prefers to buy makeup sets?!

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