14 October 2012

Magic Wands

As much I love my heated rollers I find curling wands so much easier to use. And these days there's so much more choice than the traditional big barrel tongs - there's a hair appliance for every type of curl! Of course you don't need to have a different curling tong for every hairstyle - I just happen to have an infatuation with electrical hair appliances! Here's a quick round up of the three that get most use with me...

The Spiral Curling Tongs
For really defined, big, bouncy curls like Priyanka Chopra I use my Nicky Clarke curling tongs. Unfortunately they aren't available any more (I bought it a REALLY long time ago) but this Remington wand is very similar and looks a lot slicker. I find that the spiral guide helps get a neater, more defined curl and it's completely foolproof - perfect for newbies! 

The Hair Waver
Remember when you were too young to use heated hair appliances so you'd plait your hair and leave it overnight to create those cute little curls?! The Enrapture Jumbo Waver creates that look but in a matter of minutes rather than hours! 'Jumbo' is the perfect word to describe it because this thing is HUGE! Aside from the achy arms (it's really heavy too... or maybe I'm just weak...) I really love this wand because it's so quick and easy to use and it creates the these lovely wispy curls, like Sonam Kapoor's!

The Magic Wand
Forget hair appliance, the Cloud Nine Wand is one serious torture weapon! It comes with a protective glove but I can't begin to tell you the amount of times I've burned my hands with it. Despite scarring issues this is seriously the best wand for quick curls. Wrap your hair around the top of the wand for smaller corkscrew curls or for a less defined, relaxed curl use the bottom of it.  

What do you think of curling wands? Do you find them easier to use than rollers?!

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