30 October 2012

Give your hair some va va voom!

I don't know about you but I'm so over the grungy, natural, bed-head look. For me it's all about the GLAMMA (yes, that's how I spell it) and no one does it better than the Bollywood A-Listers. Take Bipasha Basu for instance (pictured above), her signature style is dramatic eyes and big hair, and she always looks super glamorous. For years I've struggled to get my very long, fine hair as big as possible, and, although it's not something you should be doing everyday, I have mastered the best ways of getting volume and body in my hair. Here are my top tips...
Start with a good base
There's no point in backcombing straight, lank hair to get volume if you haven't set it properly. By using the right products on wet hair and drying it correctly you're ultimately moulding your hair to how you want it to stay until the next wash. I start by washing my hair and lightly conditioning the ends. Make sure you rinse it thoroughly at this stage so that any residue or build up of products don't weigh the hair down. Then, once you've towel dried it, apply a golf ball sized amount of volumising mousse to the roots and mid lengths. I use the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Mousse which gives amazing volume without weighing the hair down or making the roots feel greasy. Finish by blow drying your hair in small sections with a large barrel brush. Start at the roots and as you dry, lift your hair up with the brush, rather than down to get more volume.

Roll Up, Roll Up
Now that your hair's dry you need to make sure that it doesn't lose it's bounce. I find that the best way of getting even more volume and lift is to use heat rollers. Now, remember - it's about getting lots of volume and body, not curls, so make sure you go for the biggest rollers you can find. If you have a bit more time on your hands or don't fancy putting so much heat on your hair you could always use Velcro roller - just keep them in a bit longer, or at least until your hair completely cools. 

Two words: Back Comb
By now you've probably got a good amount of bounce and volume at the roots. You can finish it off by lightly spraying hairspray under your hair too keep the roots up or, if like me your hair tends to go down quicker than a lead balloon, you can backcomb it. Backcombing can damaging your hair so I wouldn't suggest doing it all the time (I should really take my own advice... eeek) but to get certain styles like a beehive or something similar to Bipasha's you'd really have to. To backcomb properly take the top section of your hair and split it into three parts: middle, left and right. Then, leaving a small section of hair from the top aside, slowly comb your hair backwards a few times. Do the three sections separately and then combine them together to get a more uniform finish. Cover any messy bits with the section of hair you left aside and finish with hairspray!


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