18 October 2012

Celeb Beauty Round Up

There's been so many lovely (and some not so lovely) beauty looks this week so I thought I'd share them with you! Feel free to get involved and tell me what you think too!

Malaika Arora Khan
This was taken at Kareena and Saif's sangeet and although I love her makeup, which is very sublte and doesn't try to compete with the heavy jewellery and bright clothes, I wish she had done something with her hair. Even running some ghds through them would stop it looking so 'blah'. Pulling it to one side also makes it look too casual for a wedding celebration. 

Esha Gupta
She hasn't been on the Bollywood scene for that long but Esha Gupta is fast becoming my girl crush. This girl looks UH MAZING in every single picture! I'm not sure if it's down to her, a great makeup artist or stylist, put she always looks polished to perfection. Anyway, enough gushing, here she looks extremely elegant - I love the mid height bun, simple winged eyeliner and tomato red lip. It's so simple and that's why it works.

Neha Dupia
This is an example of how NOT to do the whole bright lip/bare eye combo. Unlike Esha, Neha opted for no eyeliner, which would have been fine if she hadn't decided to ruin it with a brown eyeshadow. The colour makes her look tired and older than her years. Also, for a hairstyle like this, a middle parting is a no-no. It looks less vintage and more 'first lady'.

Deepika Padukone 
This is traditional glamour at it's best! I love EVERYTHING about this look - the matchy-matchy red lip and tika, bold brows, wispy lashes, soft curls and clever contouring. Take note Neha, this is how you do vintage glamour! 

Kareena Kapoor
This is just one of the looks Kareena had for her wedding and I'm in two minds about it. The hair is fine and I'm glad it has some volume, unlike some slicked-down, stuck to the head bridal hairstyles. Her skin looks flawless and her eye makeup is perfect but I wish she'd gone for some colour on her lips. It would have taken this look to a WHOLE other level. (Can you tell I'm having a bright lip moment?)

Natasha Poonawala
I have no idea who this woman is but her hair hair offends me. Deeply. There's been a lot of pictures of her at the Kareena-Saif wedding. Her makeup looks fine from what I can see but what really annoys me is this AWFUL hairstyle. It looks like something you'd see a backing dancer for the Pussycat Dolls rocking (and that's me being nice). The gigantic quiff and fishtail plait is just a bit too edgy and over the top for a wedding and screams 'look at me!'

Preeya Kalidas
I love Preeya in top knots and buns! It really suits her and looks very elegant. I am however, less excited about her makeup. The pink blusher/highlighter is just too light for Preeya's complexion and the metallic lip completely washes her out. She would have looked so much better with a fresher, more minimal makeup look. Sorry Pree...

Kangana Ranaut
Do I need to even say anything? This look is just so wrong on so many levels... Kangana is such a beautiful girl but here it looks like she's gone overboard with the styling cream and it's made her curls look greasy and flat. I actually don't mind the minimal makeup but I'm just so offended by the hair that I can't look past it. 

Sonakshi Sinha
Oh dear. I can't seem to take my eyes off Sonakshi's AWFUL eye makeup. For starters the black/grey eyeshadow could've done with some blending. The whole thing is too harsh and for someone with such striking features there was absolutely no need to go for such a dramatic smokey eye. I'm also slightly confused by the peach blusher and lipstick which would probably have looked nice had it not been paired with this garish, slightly trashy eye makeup. Sonakshi is so much more beautiful when she's not caked in makeup!

Let me know what you think of this week's looks! Do you agree or disagree?!

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