29 October 2012

Benefit's Look the Best at Everything Makeup Kit

By now you'll have realised that I'm a complete sucker for makeup kits. My latest obsession is the Benefit How to Look the Best at Everything flawless complexion makeup kit £24.50, which just recently launched. It's themed around the idea of books and learning how to get a flawless base. Bookworms and intellects will probably HATE it, but for me, the packaging is spot on. Most Benefit products are gimmicky and tack-tastic but it's part of their appeal too - who wouldn't love a makeup kit parading as a book?! Genius! 

Anyway, back to the actual product.. Inside you'll find a mini Porefessional primer and Hello Flawless foundation, two shades of Bo-ing cream concealer and a face powder and brush. The stand-out product for me is the primer because it's perfect for hiding crater-sized pores and mattifiing a shiny forehead. It also comes in three shades - Deep, Medium and Light. It's great to see beauty brands recognising that there are women of colour also buying their products, I'm slightly sceptical that the entire population can fit into one of these three categories. For instance, there are around 20 shades of Hello Flawless foundation available, so does that mean that only three skintones can use this kit? What if someone has darker under-eye circles? It's a bit limiting creating a kit in only three shades (that's something a BB Cream would do!)  I use the Medium, which I assume would work well for most Asian or olive skintones. However, being a human makeup tester, I have about ten different foundations in ten different shades that I'll happily weaer so it doesn't bother me as much! The Light kit would be perfect for paler women, whereas the Deep palette would only really suit those with very dark Asian or black skin. This of course leaves Medium, which is meant to appeal to every other skintone and ethnicity - I'm not entirely convinced. 

If you've just started experimenting with makeup this is a great little kit because it has everything you could possibly need to get a good makeup base. It's also great if you're not familiar with the Benefit beauty brand as it lets you dip your toe into the water without getting soaked (ie - wasting a lot of cash!)  


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  1. I LOVE the idea of make up packaged as books its sooo cute!!!!


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