13 September 2012

YSL Touche Éclat Foundation Review

The Touche Éclat concealer is has become a cult product over the last twenty years and now, hoping to emulate it's success, is the Touche Eclat foundation. It comes in a whopping 24 shades (yes - 24!) and claims to have the same illuminating, complexion-enhancing features as the concealer. 
In the past YSL have released some AWFUL foundations, most which were thick and looked cakey, so I made sure I tested this out before buying. Looking at the opulent, glass packaging I assumed it would be really heavy and decadent - they type of foundation you'd wear at a wedding or drag show (whichever floats your boat!) but it was surprisingly lightweight, almost watery. It blended seamlessly into my skin and created a really healthy, luminescent glow. In fact, my skin so radiant and healthy that I couldn't stop looking at it every time I passed a mirror on the shop floor. I'm sure the sales assistants in the beauty department thought I was a right narcissistic b****! 

If you're thinking of buying the Touche Éclat Foundation Debenhams are currently offering 10% off all beauty products. 



  1. <3 IT! And i know what you mean about staring at it.. it like blends in so seamlessly you cant help but check it out!!

  2. Ooh I need to try this! Recenly purchased the Dior Nude Skin Foundation which I LOVE! this sounds really similar to the Dior one x

  3. I'm putting Dior Nude Skin on my shopping list! x


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