24 September 2012

The Perfect Red Lip

I don't really wear red lipstick, in fact, this is probably the second time in my life that I've worn it! The fact is I worry it won't look right on me. And a lot of other women are probably in the same position - they want to wear it but are scared that it won't suit them. I don't think there should be any 'set rules' for wearing red lipstick but if, like me, you're not confident here is a quick guide to follow....

Match it to your skin tone
If you're fair... Bright, pillarbox reds really complements fair skin and helps warm the complexion
If you're olive... Tomato, orange-red hues will keep your skin looking fresh and healthy
If you're golden/tanned... Raspberry, pinky-reds looks gorgeous on darker skin
If you're dark... Skip the light, bright reds and go for a deeper, sensual berry hue. Maroons and blood reds also look fab on darker skin.

Use a lipliner
I'm the last person you'll see using a lipliner (life's just waaaay too short), but for red lipstick I'd make an exception. Something as bright and statement as a red demands a slow steady hand so line your lips with a pencil in a matching shade or apply it with a brush.

Pick the right texture
You can ease yourself into wearing red by starting with something that has a sheer, balmy texture like the Clinique Chubby Sticks. For a more dramatic, intense colour go for a matte texture - just remember to prep your skin beforehand!

Skip the gloss
Unless you're aiming for the trashy/streetwalker look I would strongly suggest skipping the gloss. 

I hope these tips help and have given some of you the confidence to wear red lipstick! I think I'll take my own advice and ease myself into it with a sheer red lipstick :)



  1. I love red lips! im quite the opposite and find nude lips hard to pull off :\

    Red lips really suit you though! you should wear it more often :) x

  2. Ahhhh thanks doll! Nice nude lippies are hard to find! x


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